The iPhone 7 Headphone Jack Controversy

Everyone I’ve talked to about it just hates it. But I felt the need to clarify on a few things you might be hearing from the internet and your friends. Using bullet points, of course. Because bullet points are FTW.

  • The iPhone 7 comes with a free adapter to continue to use all of your old headphones. Or, if you need more than one or lose it, you can buy another one for $10. This is pretty much Apple’s cheapest adapter they’ve sold. I know that’s no excuse, but it’s something, right?
  • The iPhone 7 comes with a free pair of lightning port headphones. It’s not like if you buy the iPhone 7 you’ll never get to use wired headphones ever again. The lightning port is that little socket on the bottom of your phone that you use to charge your phone. Here is one legitimate concern, however, that people have about the iPhone 7: if you are using the lighting port to listen to music using your (freely-included) headphones or the adapter, (obviously) you won’t be able to have it charging at the same time. It’s just one port.
  • Apple’s upcoming $160 headphones are not the only wireless choice you have. One thing that super bugged me recently is seeing videos online of people saying, “Sorry, no headphone jack, it looks like you have to buy Apple’s bluetooth headphones for $160 or you never get headphones again.” Absolutely not, they’re just Apple’s take on bluetooth headsets. Do me a favor and head over to and do a quick search for bluetooth headphones. They’re cheap. If you don’t want to spend $160 on Apple’s fancy, doomed-to-be-lost headphones, then please don’t. Alternatives are available, and the fact that the iPhone 7 is still selling like hotcakes despite the loss of the jack means that more companies will want to make even more bluetooth headphones that are cheaper and better because they want yo money.



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