Tell Your Friends You’re AFK-Driving With This Text Replacement

Don’t text and drive. That kills people. Including yourself, which can be a bummer. Instead, you should send them a car emoji. But don’t waste precious car-time trying to find it when you can create a simple text replacement!

      1. Head to Text Replacement (Settings > General > Keyboard > Text Replacement)
      2. Create a simple 2-letter combination that will be easy to remember. I used “cc”, but you can use whatever the heck you’d like. I don’t care. I won’t judge.


Now whenever you’re driving, a simple double-press of the C key (or whatever you chose; peasant) and you can send your friends the car. At first they might not understand it, but they’ll eventually get used to it. And they should. Because you’re cooler than they are now. Congrats.


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